Dan Gostare Ahook

Welcome to Dan Gostare Ahook
Dan Gostare Ahook is an Iranian company specialized in animal
nutrition. From the early days the main objective of the company was
to translate the latest findings in animal nutrition into the
commercial products which will benefit breeders in two most important
aspects: higher rate of production and higher profit.
As a long-term plan, Dan Gostare Ahook intends to use the latest
technology to produce special products which will give the company
a leading role in the Iranian market as well as Middle Eastern region.
Wide range of nutritional products
Innovative solutions and advanced technology
Commitment to provide the best quality
What we do?

Dan Gostare Ahook is specialised in the field of animal nutrition and
provides high quality feed products for Middles Eastern market. The
company distributes wide range of products including poultry, dairy
and aqua feed.
Our company also provides special products such as calf milk
replacer, toxin binders and anti-stress premixes. We support our
customers by providing free consultancy services in different areas
such as nutrition, management, and bio-security.
Dan Gostare Ahook is dedicated to provide the best products and
services based on the latest scientific findings.